by Samuel Powers

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released August 4, 2017

All songs written and recorded by Samuel Powers. Copyright Samuel Powers 2017.
Recorded at Waterford Digital Studio by Frank Marchand. Produced and Engineered by Frank Marchand. Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music.
Cover photo by Brandon Fingerman. Layout and design by Shotgun Management.



all rights reserved


Samuel Powers Maryland

Probably playing in your dad's basement.


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Track Name: Golden Age
Static silhouettes in shapes of backpacks stretch across the lawn
The radio dictates what to wear before the sunlight is gone
And Davey sings on the little yellow TV
But it rings and I rise, wipe the sleep out of my eyes

We grew up in the suburbs in a golden age
Men fought and died for change

Wake up, wake up
Come on now Kevin get out of bed
It’s time to start another day, it’s okay
Won’t let it get away

For the past six weeks I’ve been planning
If we’re gonna be cool, we’ve got to look cool
And recording all my youthful anecdotes
I don't know what you've been searching for, and I'll never know
I don't know what you are waiting for

Shake the tangled thoughts out of your head
And hear me say its just another day
Track Name: Five Kings
Youth is a gamble, a game of luck with chance and opportunity
It’s Friday night and the stakes are high as we wager with hard earned change
We place our bets with confidence (and we raise with) hesitance

We’re not dead yet, there’s still another hand
Just five good men, with hopes and fears in life ahead

Life is a risk as we grow old the problems stay the same
We face down our demons like men fighting evil with glory and brotherhood

Let’s step into the great unknown
We’ll never fold
Track Name: Fault Lines
I swear I felt something, a twitch, a spin, the fault lines shifting
The earth is quaking, did you feel the shaking right beneath our feet, it’s changing

Sometimes the ground is crumbling
Everything you know gone up in flames
And sometimes you grab what’s closest to hold on as tight as you can

Change, it’s a part of growing older
The more things age the more they fade
The world’s not gonna turn itself over
How can we be sure of anything
Some things will always be
It’s just always there like the ground we walk on

Things age, things fade, we’ll stay the same
Track Name: Through Everything
Since the day we were born we’ve been best friends
Inseparable until the end
We’re tried-and-true ‘cause we understand
When one falls the other lends a hand
We’ve been bruised, we’ve been scarred but we always mend
We’ve been through almost everything

Life is a race against time but I’ve got you by my side
Facing a lifetime of trials but I’ve got you
You’ll never leave my side

You’ve known me at my worst
And you challenge me to be the best I can
I tried to leave you but you kept me first
You know I need you, you make me a better man

This is my search for my identity
But the outcome is so unsettling
Someone who trusts you, someone you trust in too
I find my confidence when I’m with you

I walked through the streets I had once known long ago
When life was simple and we were new
Track Name: Wonder
I remember a place, a street, a house like a lot of other houses
A golden age in a suburban town with sorrow and wonder

We were such fools but full of life
Our love was pure like summer nights
We spent our time just getting by
Growing and changing with the times
Our past is here but the future is not

Those were the last happy times
Two years later dad would die
My best friend left and so did the love of my younger life
She moved on and so did I

Bound together in the pain and the struggle of love
I still look back with wonder
Track Name: Cold War Blues
Before there was a me and you
There was the girl next door and a boy she barely knew
In our youth you stole my heart and filled my unpolluted mind
It’s like we were born under the same sign

I watched the earth rise over the moon
And I knew our love was behind the veil of clouded blue
In the dusk filled park in the wake of the news
Where our lips met, sunset, and soft-sung hues

It was my first kiss and it was yours as well
But we never talk about how it felt
I think about it time and again
And whenever someone says that we misspent our youth
And I know somehow you think over it too
Track Name: W. Cooper
Walk down my street again
Just me and my best friend
Talking about how good you are
But now I know the truth
For all my loving you
You only push me down and out

You let me down, you’re in my head
So let me out, I wish you were dead
Winnie please get out of my head

Everything you said to me, was it ever true
And every time you looked at me I wish I never knew
You were my first love
Kept you close to my heart and each time it broke oh no
It’s cause I let you tear me apart
Track Name: New York to Paris
Hey stranger, how have you been
Haven’t seen you since you were with DeCovian
Let’s go inside, what’s on your mind
Let’s grab a drink if you have the time

I’m just a part of your past, something you’re trying to forget
I’m just a part of the life you almost left behind
Tomorrow the sorrow will stay in junior high
We could change, we could grow, we’ve got a lifetime to make things right

Old friend, we meet again
Before we even speak the conversation ends
There’s so much that I have to say
But the boys call out and you turn away
As you leave again I think of how you’ve changed
So different and yet you’re still the same
Same old story, same old game
Boy meets girl, boy’s heart breaks

I heard the news, my heart sank as I peddled to you
I arrived upon the scene and your parents told me I should just leave
Track Name: Highway 9
Do you wanna do something Friday
“I made plans,” just cancel them baby
We can go to the dance or we can just stay home and watch a movie
“You can pick me up at eight, park the car out front and don’t be late”
Got the windows down and the radio up, making our way to the interstate

I’m driving my car to the edge of the world
How much further ’til we get there baby
Driving my car to the edge of the world

In the winter of seventy-three we heard on good authority
The Rolling Stones are playing highway nine at a local dive
We drive through the night, forty-seven miles
For Joe to deny that they’d ever arrive
Track Name: July 1973
July has shown herself
Fanfare and holiday
But where is our freedom, where is my identity
The open road, the call of summer
This time it’s me on my own
A full tank of gas, pavement under my wheels, CCR on the radio

Discovering where I’m going, and who I am

In trying to find ourselves we packed our things and set out on our own
Trying to find ourselves we lost it all and had to walk back home

I came looking for you and found you by the light of the fire
In the gentle glow I watched as my heart grew cold
I clenched my fist, felt blood boiling
I saw you kiss, I answered with a knuckle sandwich

I thought we would be together forever
I never wanted it to end