The Bayside Tigers E​.​P.

by Samuel Powers

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Recorded at Genesis Recordings by Daniel Busche. Copyright Samuel Powers 2014. Written and Performed by Samuel Powers


released April 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Samuel Powers Maryland

Probably playing in your dad's basement.


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Track Name: Oink Oink, Baby
We were best friends but now that age has come to an end
If she won't choose then we'll decide who is the better man

Anna-Rose, sweet Anna-Rose please
If you can't decide then let us know
That he who has the heart of a man
Will be the one to earn her hand

Where there is love there is an equal pain
It's not enough to be your friend, pretend that there is nothing more
It's not the way that it should be

All our lives we've been so close, all this time

We were best friends but now that age has come to an end
Let war begin, who is the better man

I am
(No, I am)
Track Name: Killing Time Between Weekends
Can't get it off my mind that loaded smile in her eyes
(The target locked in her sights, but was it his or is it mine)
I caught her eyes (but I'm the one that made them shine)
She will be mine (I’m gonna make her mine)

All my life, all our lives I held you close (you never knew)
That I have always been more than a friend I've always been more than a friend

When we were kids, we would scrape our knees and play for hours in the street
(Well I was there and held her hand, when she was dumped by her first boyfriend)
She captured me (but I’m the one that set her free)
She will be mine (I’m gonna make her mine)

She knows my heart
She knows my head, my heart and everything I have
Some have high hopes but all I know is Anna-Rose
Track Name: The Valley Rivalry
I am in love with a certain kind of man
There's no win or lose
Don't say I have to choose
Sometimes the feelings are too strong

There are two of a certain kind
The one that pays no mind
To the worries of the world
But to the needs of a girl

I’m the one to love you from my heart
(But I'm the man to open up my heart)
This is no war it's romantic rivalry

If you really want me
Come to the valley game
Call my name
Sit down beside me
Hold my hand and we'll see

This is our story, two decades led to this
But the story isn’t done, there’s no conclusion
The characters are caught in confusion, woah
(Who will she choose)
Track Name: Death In The Family
A death in the family, overdosed and laying flat
We're dressed in our funeral blacks thinking over the past and how we let him down again
I shoot a glance to my brother and your sister sitting on your left
The pain shoots under the skin and over again as I see you crying

We can put this girl aside and wake up family
Wake up, wake up

We communicate silently, staring over the casket
I see the shake of your hands and a sorrowful glance as we bury a best friend
And we remember each other as brothers, time moves by so fast
Her arms lay over my back, on top of your hand, she embraces both of us

We can put this girl aside and wake up family
The brothers we used to be
Wake up, wake up

This could change everything
[how could I choose between the two
I love both you]

I could never choose to be apart from you
Track Name: Wedding Plans
I saw you riding through downtown on your motorbike
But when I stepped out with a wave you didn’t see me, you just looked forward

I got on my bike and I rode to you
Oh, Anna-Rose I swear I’m gonna marry you
But then the turn I swerved, I slid, I lost control, hit the bank and flew
If you only knew, I was meant for only you

The church bells ring for our love
(I was late that day)
He's the better man
(And I’ll never show)
Keep your eyes open
(I’m sorry love)
Good hearts keep hoping

Everybody always said “don’t let yourself give in”
But I’m a loser with a win if I can’t call you friend
We are wound 'til the end
I'm with Jesse, she's my girl
But she doesn't make my head twirl
No, not like you did