Empty Halls, Future Friends

by Samuel Powers

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released January 6, 2015

All songs written by Samuel Powers. Recorded at Barber Shop Studios, Hopatcong, NJ. Produced by Brett Romnes and Samuel Powers. Mastered at Studio 4 by Will Yip. Artwork and design by Shotgun Management. Photography by Morgan Schrader.



all rights reserved


Samuel Powers Maryland

Probably playing in your dad's basement.


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Track Name: Boy Meets Girl
Remember all those times at J.A. high
Your thoughts were clouded
And every time she passed you by
You wouldn't shut up about it
She's like a voice talking over the film
With pretty looking face, but still annoying all the same
You've never said a word to her before

You say you know my brother, and I can't be any different than him
Think this'll be a great four years

She’s a fire through the trees, she burns a hole right through me
Strike a match and watch it breathe, she’s burning right through me

Saw her standing over there, a fiery sight, something divine
Take a breath and slow my nerves, I move a little closer
She’s as vibrant as the sun, and she’s as mist from dusk to dawn
I wait for her to break the dark and brighten up my heart

One, two, three, say you don’t have a chance with me
But that’s okay, don’t want it anyway
One, two, three, just get out of my way

We all wanna be loved
So please shut up about it
She's making her way into your heart
Track Name: Gentlemen's Code of Dating
Seize the day, don’t be afraid, just ask her out
The worst thing that she could say, is just get out of here

But you don’t know how it feels to be a runner up, a second choice
Back then she knew me as just the little Matthews boy

Grant me the pleasure of your company
Give me your hand and give me time to prove that we can make it through
We’re gonna make it past graduation, past Keiner and Frankie
We were meant to succeed

Class has begun
Mr. Hunter lose the gum

When I look at her nothing else matters
I think of where our lives could be
Father took daughter and left me here alone in Philadelphia
Who knew growing up could be so tough

Do you know how many kisses were wasted
I never had to test my feelings about you
I told you to go and you listened
I told you to go but why did you listen to me
Now I’m leaving

Grant me the pleasure of your company
Give me your hand and give me time to prove that we can make it through
We were gonna make it past graduation, past children and through old age
We were meant to succeed

(I’m the one who cares)
Track Name: Who's Afraid of Cory Wolf?
Listen my best friend let me tell you something dark
Listen my best friend, there’s no fooling me
I’ve got desire, got the desire to kill
I’ve noticed a change in you, a change in the chemistry
I’m an undead creature of night
You’ve got desire, a desire to thrill

Go get the girl

The sun makes room for the moon
It’s got me scared, oh so scared
Will the nightmare be over soon
I’ll kill the girl, the one who cares
The girl who cares

Madam I beg you tell of the myth, the crooked spell
It’s too sad to reveal
Five dollar fortune, it’s an unfortunate sale
I see your destiny, a young love ends tragically
Keep her away from me
there is your fortune, poor kid I wish you well

Go get the girl

You’ve gotta get the gun, you’ve gotta get the gun, you’ve gotta stop your son
Track Name: Sad Shawn
All our lives we've been walking on our own
We've been wondering where you went for so long

Give up, get up
Which do you prefer
I still don’t know
You know I'll be here for you
And you still have her

You pick me up when I'm falling
But lately I’ve been wasting all my time
I’ve been moving forward
Pressing onward for so long, my brother take me home

We are your family, if you will have us please
You don’t have to be a poor bastard with no home

The trailer is cold tonight
Just sleep outside to get her off your mind
Track Name: The Exits
Grow up move on, if it's better for you
Just tell me the truth, and do what you've gotta do
We trade these halls for a future unknown
All I wanted was a friend for the journey home

Hand to heart and heart in hand we leave this memory laden path
And find our footing in the pages of a story yet written
We live our lives looking back to love once scribed
And find comfort in the words “I’ll never leave your side, I’ll never say goodbye”

So will you waste another year
I'd waste the best of me on you
Oh my best friend will you stay here
Just stay or is it time to say goodbye
Or come with us

It’s never easy and it’s never fair
You left so abruptly and changed the plans
It feels like I’ve been abandoned again by all my friends

[I love you all and life will go on]

I love you all and class is dismissed now
Take a breath go make us proud

I love you all, class dismissed